Dava Moor

Some of my recent work on the abandoned crofts is currently being exhibited at the Galleryeleven41 in Kingussie. One of the photographs is a view across the moor. The day I took this photograph I had set out to photograph an abandoned croft called Easter Crannich. It was shaping up to be a good evening for the light so I set of on my bike with my tripod and camera gear on my bag. I had seen this croft in the distance from the road many times and loved the way it was set in the hill side with a barn and trees around it. I was very curious to see what it was like inside and up close. When I got there it didn’t disappoint, I had wanted to take some photos suitable for my jewellery as well but hadn’t really got a fixed idea of what I wanted. When I went inside and saw the layers of peeling wall paper I was struck by nostalgia for the generations of families who had hard but good lives up here. These were proper homes once that have been lovingly decorated over many many years. I felt sad to see the house left to the birds and sheep.

I had got my timing wrong, I was a bit early for the light and there were some annoying clouds covering the sun. I decided to ride up the track a bit more and investigate other building I had seen for another time.

As the sun then completely disappeared and the light became very flat I eventually returned to my camper van and had a brew. I sat pondering on the moor and how only 50 years ago it would have been teaming with life, three generations in each house, all their livestock. Children catching the train to school on Grantown, and young men Such as Andrew Cruickshank from Drumroy going away to the First World War.

All of a sudden the sun broke through and I took this picture from the side of the road. I love the bog cotton shining in the sun but I also love the fact that three croft houses are in view especially the ones on the skyline.

Besides this photo the photo also produced the first interior photos for my peeling back the year series which has become my new range of jewellery.

About Lynn

I am a freelance photographer specialising in wedding photography, life style and family portraits and participatory photography projects with community and youth groups.
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