About Me

For over twenty-five years I have been working as a professional photographer, and while my commercial work keeps me pretty busy I still find time to be inspired by the light and beauty of the of this majestic area.

While walking or driving I find I have to stop and capture the amazing sights that come into view. I have only recently moved to Aviemore and so this collection is still in it’s infancy but there will be many more images to come and I am really looking forward to taking them and sharing them with everyone.

Many of the photographs on this blog can be purchased as prints or cards via my facebook shop But please contact me if you see something that you would like that is not yet featured in my shop and I will be able to add it for you.

I studied at the Royal College of Art, achieving in 1983 an MA in photography, I then returned to the North of England to work as a photographer, documenting community projects, and teaching photography in informal settings.  This led me to further study and I gained a JNC professional qualification in Youth and Community work in 1991. This allowed me to broaden my skills in enabling others to discover photography and explore creativity through this exciting and versatile medium.

In the last ten years I have worked hard to establish a wedding and portrait photography business which I have recently relocated to the Highlands trading under the name of Black Isle Photography

I continue to work as a creative practitioner with community and youth groups and also work with organisations such as the Highlands and Islands Enterprise to document community arts events and projects.

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