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Spey Valley Photography online store is now up and running offering all of the gallery images as silver plated drop and stud earrings, small and large pendants on snake chains. Once you have selected the gallery simply click on the image that you would like for your piece of jewellery and select your item from the procucts drop down menu you will then be asked to select the image again.

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I also now also have a selection of my jewellery all ready for dispatch in my Etsy Store, click the link below to vist and have a look.

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8 Responses to Online Store

  1. Tricia says:

    Was looking at your amazing jewellery at th Aviemore craft fair earlier today. Thought they were really beautiful.
    Just wondered if you had any Newtonmore photographs made into jewellery?

    Many thanks

    • Lynn says:

      Hi Tricia, thanks so much. I do have a couple of photographs ready for jewellery from Newtonmore. One was taken on the golf course and the other was of the falls at Allt Laraidh. oh and another of Ruthven Barracks. I have a more images that I have not had chance to sort properly yet. I do add images all the time….if you go on facebook and like my page that is a good way of seeing all the latest photos. you cab follow this link to get to my page
      I can email the photos through you you so you can see them …cheers

  2. Erin says:

    Hello, I’m hoping you can help. I purchased black and white cairngorm tree stud earrings at Revack Estate while on holiday and I unfortunately lost one of them much to my disappointment. I am looking to find out if I can order a replacement. Thanks in advance. Erin

  3. Kirsty Adam says:

    Do you have clip stud earrings ? I’ve bought a beautiful pair of studs at GALE in Gairloch but didn’t check the clip status. Maybe not a big demand for clips ? Could I send my pair to you to be adapted ?
    A second pair of Wester Ross studs are happily going to Switzerland ! Thank you !
    Kirsty Adam

    • Lynn says:

      Hi Kirsty. I have just checked and I would be able to get some clip on findings to make you a replacement pair. They will be coming from China so there it will take a little while for them to arrive. The estimated arrival is 17th dec to 5th January. If you would like to go head let me know and I will order some to make up for you. Cheers lynn.

  4. Kirsty Adam says:

    Thank you Lynn – yes please ! Can you convert the studs I have already bought ? Or do we need to start from scratch ?

  5. Lynn says:

    Hi it will be easier to start from scratch, if you don’t want to keep the ones you have bought you can post them back to me and I can replace them.

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